Hello, my name is Esther Maduabuchi and I am a CS graduate. I am going to share with you my tech journey at Trellix.

Before I entered university I was already interested in technology and how it works. When I attended university I selected computer science as my major. That said, I was not very fluent in programming. When I finished my study I wanted to work in the tech field, but being realistic I thought it was impossible for me due to my lack of technical skills. I ended up accepting an internship in an insurance company where I spent 3 months working on a lot of things that were not super exciting for me. After my internship at the insurance company, my interest and motivation to pursue a career in that field were very little. Yet as a young graduate without many skills I did not have much choice.

After a series of unexpected events, I ran into a friend who was doing her academic internship in a tech company. I was even surprised as she was a French major with, maybe, less technical skills than I had at the time. She said I should apply for an internship in her company, Trellix.io. As there were a lot of opportunities for people that are interested in tech, even if they were not developers. She explained to me that tech is an ecosystem, and software development is just one part of it, but not all of it. I was very seduced by the idea and applied it the same day she told me about it. I was interviewed and eventually, I made it.

I started my experience at Trellix with an intensive internship. I learned a lot about software as a service and eCommerce. I learned how distributing software is as important as creating; if not more important. If you are creating a tech product but no one is using it, how do you really know if your product is performing well? I realized that the customer relations team, which I have integrated, is at the heart of the company's success and of our technology development. As front liners, we are the people that are able to understand how we need to shape our product to solve real-world problems and to help our customers increase their revenue.

I also understood that the customer relation department is very crucial for product development as the relationship helps the product and engineering team develop our products to provide more value and be superior in solving customer problems, improve functional requirements, modify product design to reduce production costs, or develop a design that meets the special needs and problems of customers to a greater extent.

After my internship, I had gathered the experience I needed to apply what I learned to real projects and I started. We had a series of meeting with the product development team where we discussed the features that needed to be implemented and how they should be implemented, Working in the customer relations team I have learned to view things with the mindset of a customer.  Will the customer be able to understand how the feature works and the feature to be implemented would it cause confusion or solve a problem and this has really shaped the feedback given on such meetings.

In the beginning, I knew I wanted to explore the field of tech, but Trellix gave me an opportunity to learn and grow