At Trellix, we are concerned about how we can use our growth to support the African tech ecosystem and give more opportunities to young Africans to accomplish their full potential. Last year, we launched the Trellix Graduate Internship program, an intensive 6 months program that allows young graduates who want to evolve in tech to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to accelerate the growth of their careers. This year, we are thrilled to announce a new program completely different yet full of opportunities.

The internet is full of amazing opportunities that are available to everyone. It has opened the era of a new generation of freelancing that is accessible to all regardless of location. You can be in Kumasi and work remotely as a freelancer for a high-growth startup in Silicon Valley. But many of these openings require you to have credentials and similar past experiences. Also, many of these opportunities are not designed to help young and ambitious professionals grow and mature in their careers. Eventually, freelancers are left with making unstable and unreliable revenue from archaic platforms like or where they have to compete on price to work on projects that are barely intellectually rewarding with little or no room for evolution.

We at Trellix, are aware that Africa is full of young talents who lack the opportunity to prove themselves and acquire the necessary skills and credentials needed to compete at an international level. That’s why we decided to launch the Trellix Remote Craftsmanship Program.

What is aims to change the tech narrative in Africa. Located in Cotonou, West Africa, is a start-up specialized in web development. We create a suite of high-end web applications for an international clientele. With more than 90% of our customers located in the United States, our vision is to impact the world of tech by building innovative applications that extend the limit of what is currently possible. We believe in Africa and believe that young Africans have the required potential to make Africa part of the tech revolution of the 21st century. is dedicated to make this vision a reality and to contribute to speeding up this process. The Trellix Craftsmanship Program is one of the programs put in place to equip young Africans with the tools and experience they need to bring the change we wish for.

What is the Trellix Craftsmanship Program?

The Trellix Remote Craftsmanship Program aims to give young African talents an unfair advantage in their tech career. It allows them to nurture their skills by working on highly challenging projects while making continuous revenue and boosting their portfolio. It embodies the same goals in line with other Trellix programs, by helping to create a new generation of tech workers in Africa with similar skills and experience as their counterparts abroad. Furthermore, it does not require re-location to Cotonou like other Trellix programs and it gives the freelancer great control of their time and space. Our objective is to nurture the interpersonal skills of the freelancers, give them more exposure to international standards, and the opportunity to access clients beyond geographical barriers.

How does it work?

The Trellix Craftsmanship Program is now available to content writers and graphic designers. While we plan to open this opportunity to more fields, we have decided to limit the first iterations to those two professions as they are already popular among freelancers and they require minimal operative setup assistance. Applications are open throughout the year on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you are interested, we recommend you apply early to maximize your chances of getting selected. Candidates are required to submit a portfolio of the past projects they have worked on (personal projects are accepted). Selected candidates will sign a contract and will be assigned tasks based on their level and experience. They will also receive ad hoc mentorship to help them improve their skills.

Why should you consider this opportunity?

The Trellix Craftsmanship Program is designed to establish a long-term rewarding source of revenue for the freelancer, unlike other freelance projects out there that are mostly on a one-time basis. This allows the freelancer to invest more in the projects and develop their skills as they don’t have to dedicate extra time to chasing new contracts, negotiating, onboarding, and so on. The program is also flexible and transparent enough to help the freelancer easily predict their earnings, based on their level of expertise and the amount of time they can allocate weekly. However, the freedom of the Craftsmanship Program should not be taken for granted. The freelancer should be disciplined in managing their schedule to avoid submitting projects after the deadline. Interested candidates should be ready to dedicate a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Finally, the Trellix Craftsmanship program is a perfect opportunity for young professionals interested in pursuing a successful career in tech. It gives candidates absolute control of their time while making a predictable and steady income. For now, the Craftsmanship Program is open to content writers and graphic designers. If you are interested, we recommend you to apply if you are rigorous, self-disciplined, and have a great sense of professionalism. Learn more and apply here.

Learn more and apply to the Trellix Remote Craftsmanship Program here