Why is the Trellix Externship Program the best choice for undergraduates?

Why is the Trellix Externship Program the best choice for undergraduates?

Most of you are familiar with the concept of internships, short-term work experiences that allow people to gain insight into the professional world. Still, the concept of externships is foreign to many. Far less popular, externships are also beneficial work experience that can really be a game-changer in a professional career. True to our mission to provide valuable opportunities to African youth, we, at Trellix, are introducing our own discovery externship program.

What is the Trellix Externship?

If you wonder what the externship is and how it differs from the internship, here is how it works:

  • During internships, you learn by taking on low to medium level responsibilities. Externship on the other hand emphasizes on your observational experience in the work field.
  • Externships are very short period experience while internships last typically from few weeks to few months.
  • Internships mostly require prior knowledge of the field subject matters. Thus it creates the expectation to be semi-independent on tasks. For externships however, prior knowledge is not required. This therefore creates the need for an experience that requires shadowing professionals to have an insider view of their work.

For those who are not yet convinced, here are three good reasons to enroll in the Trellix Externship program.

Discover what to expect from the professional world

To understand how the tech world operates, what better way than to explore by shadowing professionals? Trellix externship program is designed to let you have an immersion into the tech world, even before stepping into the real game.

One of the biggest issues facing young graduates wanting to access work environments is their lack of understanding of what it truly means to be a professional. The truth is students are not taught at school on how to be a coworker, employee, collaborator or an efficient team member. The first job is usually the place where many people encounter their first experience and discover the process that helps them acquire much needed skills. For most people, this first encounter is brutal and they learn the hard way. The Trellix Externship Program comes as a solution to this. As undergraduates, externships give you the opportunity to discover something really close to how your future work environment operates. By rubbing shoulders with professionals, you will be able in a short period of time to:

  • observe the day-to-day activities of a renowned tech company,
  • identify the most valuable skills and understand how they come handy,
  • discover how teams are set up and operate on real life projects.

It is thus pretty simple. If you want to have a preview of everything you should expect in a tech workplace without the burden and responsibility of being a full-time employee, then you do not want to miss the unique chance to have such a close up experience.

Evaluate your career options and discover what’s best for you

More often than not, African tech students and enthusiasts have only few ideas, if not no clue of the plenitude of opportunities available to them. The struggle is real especially on our continent  where in most countries, the tech field is not so well documented and still at an infant stage.

As students, you  have to figure out things by yourself  through experience and often from mistakes. This is why an externship is a valuable experience for you. It provides you with the opportunity to discover a Beta version of your dream career for you to be better equipped to determine if you  have the right fit. This can be helpful in two ways. First, to identify a field or position that you truly enjoy to guide your future educational path, you will know exactly which additional training and knowledge you need to look for. Having an early focus will help you avoid wasting time and resources. Secondly, the experience can also help you find out that a certain position is the right fit. For some people, this is the real life experience that shakes their  preconceived beliefs. But ultimately, the benefits are greater than the loss of a dream.

A senior professional will make sure you get the best resume-enhancing skills

One concern that you may have is how is the externship practically organized, to allow anyone with no experience to survive. Trellix provides the solution.

During the program, externs are assigned a coach who will guide and work closely with them. This to ensure that the extern focuses on the essential and secures the technical and soft skills that he or she need to grasp.

Another great advantage of the program is the interactive workshops set up to connect externs with senior professionals, for the former to learn from the experience of the latter. In other words,  you will be able to discuss with them and merge their insights with the academic knowledge you have. The major outcome of these connections is the professional network that you will quickly be able to establish. Furthermore, standing out for your integrity, intellectual curiosity, and leadership potential will allow you to get noticed and have privileged access to greater opportunities. This is never an opportunity to miss, especially in such a competitive industry.

Contrary to popular belief, the externship program is not only open for undergraduate students. People with no professional experience and tech curious individuals are all welcome. If you meet the following criteria, then you are eligible for the program:

  • Be over 16 years old and under 23 years old
  • Be interested in technology
  • Have less than 1 year professional experience in the tech industry
  • Be able to cover your own transport expenses
  • Be well educated and well mannered

Overall, if you are interested in getting a taste of how an international tech company operates, have a particular career interest, or more broadly of the tech world, then do not hesitate. Apply to the discovery externship program here and let’s meet on the other side.

All the details about the program can be found here.