What is the Shinobi Design Challenge?

What is the Shinobi Design Challenge?

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The Shinobi Design Challenge is an online event that aims to allow young talented designers to express themselves while discovering new concepts in design. The motivation of this challenge has been discussed in this previous article. This article presents the organization of the first edition of the challenge, which starts on September 9th, 2021, at 09:09 am. The challenge will include a technical problem to solve. Participants will have three (3) days to solve the problem and submit their solutions no later than  September 12th, 2021, at 11:59 pm.

The challenge

The challenge consists of a technical problem: to motivate designers to develop new knowledge or deepen their knowledge on certain subjects or share their mastery of certain techniques with others. We, therefore, hope to see everyone come out of this challenge with a rewarding experience.

For this first edition, the technical challenge will be the use of standardization in graphic design. It will be an opportunity for beginners to try it out and for experienced ones to show their fellows how it is done while taking the opportunity to validate their skills. After all, a little practice will never hurt a Shinobi. The challenge will be built so that a senior designer can solve it within 2 hours.


The challenge is unrestricted and open to everyone, but young designers are most expected and have all the chance to succeed. After all, creativity matters a lot in design. In addition, having more experience doesn't necessarily equate to more creativity.

The challenge brief will be communicated on our Twitter account on September 09th, 2021, at 09:09 am on our Twitter account. Only participants (Shinobi) who have registered on the online form will be able to participate. All Shinobi will have three (3) days to complete their mission. September 12th at 11:59 pm marks the end of submissions.

Submission will be made via Twitter. This makes it possible to ensure the transparency of the challenge because everyone will be able to follow the various works live. The aim is to limit subjectivity and promote fair play. In addition, it will be an opportunity for many young designers to share their talent with the rest of the world. (Facebook is not professional enough, and Instagram is unsuitable, so Twitter remains the best choice among popular social networks).


The evaluation will be done by a jury of two to three senior designers (5 years + professional experience) from various backgrounds. This will ensure the objectivity of the critics and have diverse perspectives on your work. To be pre-qualified, the Shinobi will have to follow instructions communicated on the challenge launch date. The jury will pay close attention to the respect of the guidelines and judge you on your creativity. To conclude, be creative while respecting the rules.

The reward

Everyone should come out for this challenge with a rewarding experience. It is not a national competition run by the government, but a  Shinobi exam organized by the Shinobi for the Shinobi. Be receptive to criticism as it will allow you to see your work from new angles.

That said, do whatever it takes to hit the jackpot. There will also be consolation rewards for the top 5 apart from the grand prize.

PS: To participate in the challenge, it is mandatory to register online.

Update: The Shinobi Design Challenge - Mission 1 has been released